Bradley Martyn Steroids – Is Bradley Martyn a Steroid User?

bradley martyn steroids

Bradley Martyn is the guy who is been followed by so many bodybuilding enthusiastic. The fact that he competed against Phil Heath is the reason why we call Bradley Martyn an epitome of the ideal male specimen.

The best bulking body of Bradley Martyn is whether due to the use of anabolic steroids or legal steroids, we are going to find it out later. First, let us take a look at Bradley’s gym biography and how did we get those rugged and handsome looks.

Bradley Martyn Facebook account has over 2 million fans which only took him 2 years to be famous. His YouTube account was made in 2014 where he came as an honest and inspiring role model.

Stats of Bradley Martyn

He’s talking handsome good-looking dude with 6 ft. 3 inches’ height, his total body weight is 118kg (260lbs) with almost 8% of total body fat.

Due to his beast looking body size, many bodybuilding reviewers assume that Bradley Martyn is on steroids. But how much truth is basically inside this statement, we are going to find out by checking out his exercise and diet regimen and also Bradley Martyn’s transformation over the years.

How Does Bradley Martyn Train?

The guy holds almost 260 pounds of weight and ideal height, that makes him the genetic training freak. Bradley Martyn is so much serious about his training sessions and according to him, he tries to use every single moment while doing exercise.

Generally, Bradley Martyn exercise by making 10 reps for each set, he has many approaches towards his training sessions which are typically considered a high-power workout.

He does the exercises based on what his body feels rather than taking instructions. This makes Bradley Martyn train for what is only necessary, this pours some light on his chest which is not quite developed compared to his delts.

Bradley Martyn Diet and Nutrition Intake

There is no use for bodybuilding if you have a scummy diet, that’s why Bradley Martyn takes his diet quite seriously.

bradley martyn lean bulk

Before appearing to the contest, Bradley Martyn follows the Intermittent Fasting protocols which according to him has paid him well.

With the help of Intermittent Fasting, you will be able to alternate between the time duration of fasting and having meals. The report says Bradley managed to fast 16 hours per day and the remaining 8 hours he spent on a healthy and balanced diet.

While Brad is not competing, he has the luxury to rest a little while.

This is the period where he cuts all the diets with carbs and strictly adjoined to the ketogenic diet which has high fats, moderate protein, and a low amount of carbohydrates.

Sometimes brad sticks to the carbs diet which is more of a diet regimen of Bradley Martyn while he’s performing heavy workouts or tries to look bulkier.

In his general diet, you will notice he consume a considerable amount of salmon fish for fresh fats, proteins, and other important nutrients. Greek yogurt is used by Bradley Martyn for change in taste and some almond butter for raw protein.

Bradley Martyn Gains Timeline

The actual D.O.B of Bradley Martyn is 22nd May 1989. He started weight lifting when he was precisely 16 years old which happened in 2005.

When he was 22 years old he competed in an NPC bodybuilding show in 2011. You can imagine at such an early age he almost had 6 years of experience of training.

Guys like this gets normally bulkier when they start lifting weight since they were quite huge already before. Their body responds to the weight lifting phenomenon in an abnormal way after which they gain plenty of muscle mass, all because of the huge genes.

It shows Bradley Martyn has pretty much solid and dense genetics, as we are watching since 2011.

BUT AFTER THEN, somethings changed and Bradley Martyn suddenly got bigger, and HUGE!

Bradley Martyn Steroids Or Is He Natural?

After we are done with Bradley Martyn’s diet and how does he exercise, its time to know more about what happens while he workout.

Does he takes steroids or performs regular exercise with a clean diet alone?

is bradley martyn natural

Somehow, steroids must have played its part in Bradley Martyn’s character, but just to be sure we have some proofs which might show that Bradley Martyn could be STEROIDS.

Bradley Martyn’s Transformation

A normal guy who has been working out moderately and suddenly you see him with those extremely unnatural size gains.

The fact that Bradley Martyn is Juicing leads us to some remarkable changes that may have been the effect of Anabolic Steroids intake.


Bradley Martyn’s body is amazing and very well designed, by natural workout. Recently, he was noticed as he picked some unnatural and natty muscle thickness. This shows one of the prominent effects of steroids which is extreme muscle thickness. This may also be possible that he used Deca Durabolin which is the AAS to create exceptionally dense and buff muscle fibers.

In many pictures in Bradley Martyn’s gallery, you will see his shoulders, traps, and arms look they have just been “Juiced”.


Flush is the most common and detectable side effects of the anabolic steroids, which almost 90% of users’ experience. This is because steroids increase the body temperature abnormally and due to the instant oxygenation of the skin it turns bright red on the upper part of the body.


Gaining extra weight naturally is a long and hard process that gets easier when the steroids are on the way. Recently, Bradley Martyn’s weight is rumored to be 7 pounds ahead of his former weight which was 260 pounds on average.

It is nearly impossible to gain such size unless you are the user of legal steroids which we know of Brad as he isn’t! As you can see the Mr. Olympia Phil Heath is standing next to Bradley Martyn in one picture, Brad looks exceptionally dense and almost the same size as Mr. Olympia, now that’s a reason to believe Bradly Martyn steroids.

The fact that Bradley Martyn is even bigger than the previous Mr. Olympia and his size also beat the very unique and best Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even Arnold admitted to using steroids in his time to attaint those dense biceps you see in his pictures, so the role of steroids is pretty common these days.

Potential Steroids which Bradley Martyn Has Taken

Many reasons to believe that Bradley must have been taking Dianabol or Deca Durabolin.

Both are anabolic steroids that work for the super-thick looking body and amazing strength. This will explain the huge traps of Bradley martin as he rumored to be bigger than Arnie’s or Sergio Oliva.

Dianabol is one of the great steroids for smooth looking bulk which happens to support water retention in muscles. The extra weight of the water makes you look smooth and almost natural. The dry skin and acne can be noticed on the face of steroid users.

Both Deca Durabolin and Dianabol are used in stacks by bodybuilders since the times of Arnold.

bradley martyn bodybuilder workout transformation

This means Bradley Martyn has done the same thing as Arnie in his old time. When you combined Deca with Dianabol, you will get huge strength and size gains.

Mega Size Gain by Legal Steroids

Deca Duro and D-Bal should have been the legal steroids behind Bradley Martyn’s success, but they are not!

Whether it’s hard for bodybuilders to lost track of their diet and exercise, steroids offer a short cut where they attain maximum muscle mass. But there are dangerous side effects which I’m sure Brad knew about.

Legal steroids are a much safer version of anabolic steroids which are less of chemicals and more of naturals.

We could see the Rock and even John Cena been taking legal steroids for sustaining the insane bulk he may or may not have gotten from steroids use.

Summary – Bradley Martyn Steroids

There are many reasons to believe that Bradley Martyn indeed is taking STEROIDS. Currently, he denies using any steroid on social media, maybe because he may have portrayed a wrong image in public which no bodybuilding celebrity wants.

But if you have noticed the Bradley Martyn physique lately, there is a vivid presence of juice on those rugged and ripped looking muscles.

You can’t get the same body as Bradley Martyn by taking steroids since he also possesses the best genes.

Using legal steroids may provide you the benefits with 0 side effects.